Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's Day Ideas

Looking for Mother's Day Ideas?

Here is a short list of gift ideas for mom...

1. Purse Organizer
    A lot of mom's carry a lot of stuff with them in their purses because the like to be prepared.
    I love my purse organizer and think it would be a great mother's day gift!
    I found mine on EBay for just $6 and free shipping
    You can fill it with things for mom too.

2. Nail polishes
    Many mom's enjoy doing things like getting their hair or nails done. 
    * Give her a gift card to her favorite nail salon and some nail polishes
    * Give her a gift card to her favorite hair salon along with a few of her favorite hair products
    * Fill a cute basket with anything for mom to pamper herself.
       -nail polishes, hair products, lotion, bubble bath, makeup, anything your mom enjoys

3. E-reader (Nook) or E-reader cases
    My mother loves to read.  She has a Nook and loves it.  If your mom likes to read a lot this is a great gift!
    If your mom already has an E-reader that she loves there are a lot of really cute cases you can get her.
    *Gift card for purchasing books
    *Cute Case


4. Magazine subscriptions
    I think this is a good idea because some moms will pick up magazines at the store but don't subscribe.
    Also, mom gets a new magazine each month with a subscription so this is a gift she will enjoy each month!
    Magazine subscriptions don't cost much so you could even get your mom more than one.

Two Magazines that I love
Whole living

5. Double walled Water Cup (Aladdin)
    Another gift idea that I think is simple but nice.  Everyone knows that drinking plenty of water each day is good for you but a lot of people don't get enough. 

These cool cups are a great reminder to get plenty of water.

6. Ipod shuffle or itunes gift card
    If your mom likes to listen to music or into fitness this may be a good gift for her.  The ipod shuffle
    is small and has a clip so it's nice for working out with. 

7. Books or Movies

8. Custom calendar or other custom gifts
      Remember when you were little and you would make things for your mom for Mother's Day?
      Being older doesn't mean you can't make something for mom...

      *Custom Calendars on
        (I made one for my grandma for Christmas. CLICK HERE to see it)
      *Custom Picture Books also on
      *If you are a Costco member there photo center offers many custom gifts:
        -Custom throw blankets, mugs, mouse pads, books, canvas pictures, etc.

9. The usual flowers and/or chocolates


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  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm just starting the blogging thing and it's great to get so many lovely comments. Love the purse organiser!!

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