Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School Keeping Organized

To stay organized throughout the semester I make an organization binder.


Inside my organization binder:

  • My Schedule
  • Monthly Calendars
  • Day by Day planner/tracker
  • Homework tracker
  • Grade tracker/recorder
  • Folders/pockets for holding important papers
  • A pencil case/pouch for holding extra supplies
Below are pictures of my organization binder and what is inside!

The tab dividers I use I got from Office Max and the brand name is In Place.  [In] Place

The Calendars I use shown in these pictures I got from another blog:
On my calendar pages I like to use tiny sticky notes that fit in the boxes to write myself little reminders Ü
Also on my calendars I like to put stickers.  I use cupcake stickers for birthdays! Ü

Cupcake Stickers on Birthdays!!

Day by Day Planner/Tracker below found on another blog:  http://mandicresswell.blogspot.com/2011/08/our-life-binder-printables-updated.html

I love these Calendars and Day by Day Trackers I hope Mandi keeps making them so I can use them again next year.  The link to her page where I got these Calendars and Trackers is below.

This Homework Tracker I made using Microsoft OneNote
It has 3 columns: Class, Assignment, & Due date

These are the sheets I use to keep track of my grades
Each sheet has the name of my class in the upper left corner
Each sheet also has 3 columns: Assignment, Grade recieved, and Total points for class

The tab dividers I use are made by post it and I use these to separate each class under
the grade tracking section of my binder.

Besides my organization binder I also use these other things to keep me organized:

This is my dry erase board that helps me to keep track of my appointments
and things.  I also like to draw cheerful reminders on my dry erase board like
Keep Calm and Carry On!

These blank labels I found at Staples and I use them to label binder and notebooks
and anything else to help me organize my things. These are Martha Stewart Labels and
I just think they are so cute!

That is pretty much it for my organization stuff.  Having an organization binder really helps me and labeling things helps me to keep everything in the proper place so that I don't misplace anything important.  My dry erase board is an extra reminder to me for things coming up - plus its fun to write on.

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  1. wow this is really helpful....it's allwaays good to be organized and the best thing is that anyone can do this its very easy and you can design it according to you. congrats!!!and happy holidays!!