Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School Supplies

What supplies I picked up for going back to school?

To start off I have two backpacks for school

Things to consider when getting a backpack:

  • Are you using it to carry a laptop
  • Is there plenty of room for binders, notebooks, books, and supplies.
  • Durablity - will it last you the whole year, is the material strong enough to hold all your stuff
  • Color - pick something that suits you, if you are messy or put your back pack in places where it can get dirty then off white probably isn't a good idea, and a darker color would be better.
  • Style - pick one that you can see yourself using all year and hopefully over the next couple years because some backpacks can be expensive.
  • Are there any special features you would like? Such as a special place to put your ipod that has a hole for your headphones to come out or a special pocket made to hold your ipad.

This one is from IKEA and it is an off white color.  It is kind of small but holds enough for me.  Inside I carry two 1.5 inch binders, a big 4 subject notebook, one regular notebook, two pencil cases, and my glasses case which is in a side pocket. This backpack has a spot to hold my laptop but with everything else inside there is no room left for it.

My other back pack is a Targus backpack that I found at Best Buy and it is much bigger than the IKEA backpack above.  It holds everything the other one holds plus I can fit my laptop and a book or two.  I have a lot of stuff to carry with me and my books are pretty big so this backpack is better for me.

School Supplies

PENCIL CASES: I have 3 pencil cases to keep me organized.
1. My Poka-dot pencil case holds all my pens, pencils, markers, and all writting tools

2. My Bunny pencil case holds ONLY black pens for doing assignments that way I don't have to dig through my poka-dot pencil case just to find one black ink pen.

3. My DOMO pencil case holds everything else I may need - stapler, mini hole punch, scissors, and post its


Inside my Poka-dot pecil case I have:

5 Pilot precise V5 extra fine pens in different colors (purple, light blue, pink, green, dark blue)
2 Black Pilot precise V5 exrra fine pens
5 Paper mate felt tip markers in different colors (pink, blue, orange, purple, green)
3 Sharpies in different colors (bubble gum pink, black, and raspberry pink)
1 King size sharpie
2 Paper mate 0.7 lead mechanical pencils
2 yellow highlighters
3 Hello Kitty pencils

These are all the things I love to have each year to add some fun to going to school! Having bright colors to write notes in helps separate topics.  I love sharpies for labeling and they come in handy a lot throughout the semester. 


  1. Hello! It's Nancy (aka "sanzoparty1066" on Youtube)! Your blog is very informative. I enjoy reading your posts and your beautiful photos! I look forward to seeing more of your posts! What is your major? Mine is nursing.

    1. Hi Nancy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm glad you like it! I am going to school for nursing also! I have finished my associates of science and am currently working on getting my bachelors. Hope you have a good semester and keep in touch Ü

      All the best,

  2. Great tips you have shared while purchasing backpacks. With new trendy promotional back to school supplies children are ready to take them to school happily. I liked the tips and the pics on your blog post.