Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School!

Its that time again, time to get ready to go back to school.  Some people are thinking ugh! please don't remind me! Others of you are thinking summer was fun but I am ready to get back to school and have that extra structure to your days.  Me, I am excited to go back to school for many reasons. 

First, I love school supplies - pens, notebooks, calendars/planners, labels - I love picking out school supplies and organizing!

Second, this year I am going to a new school and I will be taking only classes that relate to my career choice.  Even if you are not going to a new school, going back to school means new classes with new teachers and new classmates.  Its nice to have a change of pace.

Third, I like being organized and having structure in my life and for me school forces me to keep my things organized and creates order in my days.

Finally, going back to school makes me feel good because I tend to get lazy and feel unproductive a lot of the summer.  Going to school makes me feel good because I am being productive and accomplishing things everyday.

Below are my latest posts which are all related to going back to school including: Back to School Supplies, Back to School Organization, Back to School Lunch ideas, Back to School Safety, and Back to College Commuting Ideas!!!! ENJOY!


  1. good luck with school, great post love, got a new post up if you'd like to check it out x


    1. Thanks Ü I checked out your new post, All Clothes Go to Heaven, you have such cute ideas and a wonderful blog! I also really liked your puppy love post! That spotted print is so cute!